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    IT Consulting: Why Should You Care?

    What is IT Consulting and why should you care - Copy

    In today’s world, it’s almost impossible for any business to operate and grow without technology. This is demonstrated through the rising trend of companies embracing technology, where it is estimated that the global IT market will reach $8852.41 billion in 2023. As technology evolves and turns more sophisticated, tech consulting services are becoming mainstream. Technology specialists offer a specialised and objective approach to technology and help organisations maximise the benefits. 

    In this article, we’ll walk you through the world of technology consulting and how it can drive your business growth.

    What is IT consulting?

    IT consulting refers to the process of counselling companies on how to use technology to their advantage. It includes anything from custom software development, risk assessment, infrastructure planning, and security analysis. IT consultants can also provide suggestions on technology’s financial or strategic aspects, such as how to invest in cost-efficient systems.

    Why is IT consulting essential?

    Increased operational productivity

    Since technology is the pillar of all business processes and organisational-level collaboration, applying it diligently is always the right step to take. With their expertise, technology consultants can advise you of efficient operational models and digital solutions suited to your company needs. This allows you to establish a technology-enabled environment that is lean, effective and resilient. With the right consulting, firms can leverage technology to facilitate team collaboration and streamline technical workflows.

    Cost savings

    Recruiting permanent IT staff for short-term projects is usually costly. Not only is the hiring process time-consuming, but finding qualified tech talents can also be challenging. Particularly for startups yet to gain traction and expand, a decision to ramp up in-house IT personnel should be made cautiously, considering its potential impact on the company’s finances. Technical consultants, however, provide comparable services at a fraction of the price. Since third-party consultants already possess the necessary capabilities of their related domain, enterprises can save money on training sessions and only pay for the required services. 

    Access to an extensive range of skills

    Technology consultants have an in-depth understanding of different sectors and comprehensive skill sets, which can broaden their clients’ perspectives and assist them in identifying alternate routes to address dilemmas. Their rich experience with sizable projects is vital and can be leveraged to mentor your in-house team members. 

    When it comes to digital transformation, it’s crucial to make the right decisions because advanced technology provides a wide range of possibilities and hidden hurdles to tackle in order to succeed. This is where technology consultants’ proficiency matters the most since they may recognize opportunities that your rivals miss and seize them. 

    Scaling infrastructure the right way

    With the rapid development of technology, it’s more critical than ever for organisations to utilise cutting-edge technology to stay relevant. Hence, scaling IT infrastructure and supported processes remain a constant endeavour. Nevertheless, switching from one specific IT framework to another generally demands specialised skills, which have become deeply complex when various stakeholders and service providers are involved. With their diverse skill sets, tech consultants fit perfectly in such events by acting as an ad-hoc team of experts who work throughout the upgrade. Whether it is scaling workloads, migrating from an on-prem to the cloud, or deploying a new architecture - you can’t overlook the importance of thorough analysis and diligent planning. 

    Common IT consulting services

    The scope of IT consulting has substantially expanded over the years when most vendors today provide various managed IT services. Here are some of the services that IT consultants often offer:

    Custom software development

    Suppose you have a concept for a digital product but are still wondering what tech stack you should apply, which functionalities are essential, or how to design a user-friendly interface. In that case, tech consultation could save you the hassle. A team of experts can assess the current market trend and advise you to select profitable solutions accordingly. 

    However, technology consulting can go beyond advising. At KMS Solutions, our IT consulting services include anything from the design and development to the testing and maintenance of software. 

    Risk assessment 

    A security risk assessment identifies potential security risks and evaluates the threat they might pose. This allows companies to minimise the likelihood of security incidents and compliance failures. 

    Such tasks involve:

    • Static code analysis
    • Maintain data integrity and sanity
    • Integration & vulnerability testing
    • Suggestions for addressing each of the reported vulnerabilities

    For organisations operating in the fintech or healthcare sectors with many compliance requirements, these assessments are important to ensure they have a seamless security framework and maintain a governance model that complies with regulatory standards. 

    Advise enterprises on modern IT practices and tools 

    Technology consultants can help enterprises remain aware of emerging IT trends and tools. And if your technology infrastructure requires an update, consultants can help plan for infrastructure changes with cost prediction, risk assessment, blueprint creation, etc., allowing for a seamless transition without affecting business-critical workflows. 

    For instance, a business planning to mitigate its networks, servers or workloads to the cloud can find the entire process complicated, given its need for specialised skills in this domain. Tech consultants like KMS Solutions can streamline the procedure by developing a migration framework that integrates all IT-enabled operations considering both current and future states. Meanwhile, it remains imperative to not only identify the appropriate cloud model (Public, Private, or Hybrid) but also to select the right tools and service providers (MS Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.) 

    Disaster Recovery

    IT consultants play a pivotal role in disaster recovery, ensuring that a firm is not adversely affected by unavailability in the case of natural or man-made failures. Such proactive frameworks assist in restraining business interruptions before they can negatively impact service delivery. Doing so enables corporations to establish processes and policies to prevent disruptions while also having a recovery plan that lays the groundwork for business resilience. 


    In a nutshell, technology consultants counsel enterprises on how to effectively leverage technology to fuel growth. As every project is distinct and demands an individual approach, it’s critical to have highly experienced technology consultants to provide the proper guidance and get your project off the ground. Through technology consulting, corporations can also gain cost savings, enhanced productivity, and access to a vast pool of expertise. 

    With 12+ years of experience in the industry, KMS Solutions takes pride in delivering comprehensive consultancy across multiple technology segments to enterprises. Having a vast pool of highly-skilled IT consultants, we’re confident to help you establish a strong foundation and develop transformative solutions that drive innovation. Tell us about your project, and let us work together to make your goals happen. 

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