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Successful IT projects require a strong team of software engineers and other IT professionals. However, due to the shortage of IT talents in the local area, many companies do not have the necessary in-house IT team resources or time to build one.

Thus, it’s necessary that those companies look for a technology partner that can help provide them with a digital team of IT specialists to help with their projects, taking full ownership of the development cycle, or at any stage of the project.

With the digital team model, customers companies hire a team of various cross-functional IT specialists that can flexibly work on their projects either as a dedicated team, or work alongside the existing in-house team to make up for the lacking resources, or taking full ownership of the development of their products. 

In particular, the dedicated digital team model allows companies to change the requirements and project scope, as well as scale up or down the number of software developers in accordance with the project requirements

This article explains the benefits of a digital team, how to choose a technology to build your digital team, where to look for one, and how to effectively manage your digital team.

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Benefits of a Digital Team

Building an in-house IT team from scratch is resource-intensive (e.g. salary expenses, hardware, and software equipment, office set-ups, etc.) and takes time, especially during the ramp-up phase with many hiring hassles. By cooperating with a technology partner, you won’t have to worry about the many hiring challenges and risks associated with HR activities since these are all taken care of by the external vendor.

Furthermore, if you need to scale up the team resources, the partner vendor can provide you the top IT talents that match your project requirements.

Many technology vendors offer a trial period allowing you to test-run each of the team members’ development skills. After this time, you can have a good assessment of whether the IT specialists can fulfill your expectations. If not, your technology partner is responsible for finding a replacement who can meet your specific technical requirements.

Team Scalability

Partnering with a trusted technology vendor allows companies to scale the team according to their IT resources needs, at the same time reducing potential IT resources waste due to ineffective hiring. 

At KMS Solutions, we can help grow your digital team from 50 to 100+ software developers, and even more. Customers can entrust their digital transformation project to our 1000+ professionals offering competency in both business process consulting and software engineering. 

The process of scaling up/down the required IT personnel can be completed by informing the vendor about your scaling needs in advance, based on a period agreed upon beforehand.

Knowledge Preservation

When a digital team works on a project that is unique to your company’s business domain, they will be able to help cultivate and grow the products and project knowledge throughout the entire cooperation period.

Moreover, working with a technical team that understands your project thoroughly, even if there are some changes in the team composition, your dedicated IT specialists will ensure a proper knowledge transfer.

Improved Innovation and Performance

Cross-functional individuals can bring different skill sets and perspectives to the projects, encouraging new ideas to flow in. This allows knowledge to be spread evenly among the team, and team members can learn from each other, from external team to in-house team and vice versa. All these lead to more innovative solutions that promote end-satisfaction and improve team performance.

Extra flexibility with Digital Team

The digital team collaboration model is especially flexible, which allows you to acquire additional IT resources through staff augmentation, or to delegate the project in its entirety to the external team. Project change requests can also be considered and applied at any stage of the project.

For transparency, you can choose to interview all the team members to select only the most suitable ones. Or to simplify the process, you can opt to interview the managerial or senior positions and leave it to the partners to help you hand-pick the professionals, tools, and development methodologies that best fit your projects.

At KMS Solutions, we work closely with customers to understand their needs and offer the best option for their business requirements. For example, some clients only need a mid-size team of Software Developers and Senior QC Engineers to join their projects for a certain period of time, while others need a large team to take full ownership of their product development, and we can provide both.

Where To Look For Your Next Digital Team?

The Asia Pacific region is an emerging region that is home to millions of skilled software engineers. 

Also, businesses often choose to set up or hire a digital team in this region due to its reasonable hourly rates for IT services.

Taking a closer look at various APAC countries, there are quite a few that can provide a large number of experienced developers, namely Vietnam, India, and China. Let’s explore Vietnam, a promising destination of software development, in terms of tech education, skills of the Vietnam IT professionals, and more. 

Vietnam IT Services

The ICT sector is increasingly becoming one of the most important service industries for the country, with total estimated revenue reaching USD 112.35 billion in 2019. The government has realized there are many opportunities in the IT sector and offer favorable business conditions (e.g. tax relief) to attract foreign clients’ investment as well as working closely with domestic firms to accelerate digital transformation, ultimately making Vietnam one of the leading IT nations in the region.

IT hubs

There are three biggest IT hubs in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, and Da Nang. The vast majority of Vietnamese developers reside in Ho Chi Minh City.

Talent pool

Vietnam boasts a staggering number of professional developers in the APAC region with over 400,000 IT engineers, according to the Vietnam IT market report 2020 by TopDev.


According to the Vietnam IT market report 2020 by TopDev, on average, there are about 50,000 IT graduates annually from 153 IT institutions across Vietnam.

Additionally, Vietnam also ranked Top 8 on OECD’s PISA chart 2018 on 15-year-old students’ abilities in maths, science, and reading comprehension,  above developed economies like Korea, China.


According to the same report by TopDev, JavaScript, Java, PHP, and C# are among the most popular programming languages in Vietnam, and many software developers continuously update their skills via self-studying and self-research by reading official documentation to study the new programming languages.

English proficiency

Most of the software developers in Vietnam self-assess their English level as Intermediate level, capable of communicating effectively in English with clients. 

Hourly Rates

Rates of Vietnamese software developers & IT professionals differ depending on their programming language, experience, and city. Generally, the rates in Ho Chi Minh City are the highest, as the cost of living there is also higher, compared to Da Nang, for example. 

How To Choose A Vendor To Help Building Your Digital Team In Vietnam? 

The success of your IT project depends heavily on the technology vendor that you partner with. So, here are a few general steps that can help you to find a trusted partner to take ownership of your project:

  • Short-list a number of potential vendors based on their past projects experience, technology expertise, cyber-security standards, and so on.
  • Enquire about the potential vendor’s reviews, and/or references from previous customers. This information can be accessed from many public sources such as, Goodfirms, or other B2B directory sites.
  • Consider the vendors’ capabilities, as well as the employee attrition rate; large and mid-size vendors usually can fill up the needed resources quickly compared to smaller ones.
  • Take into consideration other IT industry standards such as ISO/IEC: 27001 for ISMS (Information security management system), intellectual property protection, as well as compliance with industry-specific standards such as PCI DSS (e.g. for Fintech startups), HIPAA (e.g. for Healthcare companies), AML (Anti Money Laundering), etc.

These are some of the key factors that companies should consider when choosing to partner with setting up their digital team. It’s also important to choose a partner that is willing to work closely with you to understand your needs, set up extra calls with you, and follow-ups promptly, etc. to ensure long-term successful collaboration.

How To Manage Your Dedicated Digital Team?

The next challenge after successfully building your own digital team is to effectively manage the team to ensure success. Generally speaking, customers will get to choose the level of responsibility for project management according to the team models. 

There are three options: IT staff augmentation, Digital Team As a Service, or a Digital Technology Partner. Let’s take a look in more detail. 

IT Staff Augmentation:

Under this model, the customer company is still fully responsible for the tasks of product development and team management. The technology vendor helps to scale up the development capacity, taking care of administration and providing skilled IT professionals, making up for the roles and skill sets, and tools required to get the project up and running. This model allows you to retain maximum control, set up policies and processes over your project.

In-house team augmentation is ideal to acquire additional development resources, working alongside the existing team.

Digital Team As a Service:

With this option, your technology partner is in charge of the technology alignment and overall team management. Nevertheless, you still call the shots on the critical decisions concerning the project and share the product vision with the digital team. You delegate more responsibilities to the technology partner compared to the IT staff augmentation model.

The model of Digital Team As a Service is a good fit for companies that want to build a fully functional team dedicated solely to the development of your product, at the same time minimize management overheads.

Sometimes, technology vendors can offer a custom-tailored model that provides the benefits of both IT staff augmentation and the Digital Team As a Service model.

Digital Partner:

You’ll have a technology partner who accompanies you through every stage of your Digital Transformation, from road mapping to execution and maintenance.

Ultimately, a trusted technology partner will ensure that the work is being executed as planned, and the team is working effectively as expected, regardless of the digital team model chosen.

Apply The Agile approach

Agile methodology plays an important role in the effectiveness of the project and digital team management. Many leading technology companies adopt Agile methodologies for their product development, as well as boosting team morale and productivity.

With Agile, the team gets together frequently via daily stand-up/meetings to discuss challenges and project statuses, enabling them to collaborate better. Also, because the team size is limited, Agile offers an environment where teams are close-knit and can have flexible team structures.

Effective communication

Communication is of utmost importance to ensure projects can progress smoothly, and this applies to both client-digital team communication as well as client-vendor.

When it comes to client-digital team communication, it’s better that both parties agree beforehand regarding the digital tool-sets to allow effective collaboration. For example, communication can be done via tools such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Team, Skype, etc. while project management tools to keep track of tasks like Jira, Trello, etc. It is also a good idea to limit the number of tools used to avoid miscommunication that results in time loss.

How KMS Solutions Can Help You Build A Strong Digital Team?

KMS Technology has over 12 years of experience providing IT services. We have delivered a variety of successful projects helping enterprises across the globe grow and achieve more.

KMSS has offices in Vietnam, Korea, and the United States. KMSS presence in these countries allows you to tap into the talent pool of hundreds of thousands of IT professionals;

You can entrust your digitization to our 1200+ professionals who draw on combined expertise in both technical engineering and business process consulting; We provide technical tools and infrastructure, encourages continued education, and invests in the growth of your digital team;

Our professionals offer broad expertise in Digital Applications Development, Data & Advanced Analytics Services, as well as Business Intelligence solutions, and other digital technology expertise including Enterprise Packaged Software. Get started and contact us today.

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