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Top 6 IT Solution Providers for Large Enterprises in Vietnam

TOP 6 IT Solutions Providers for Large Enterprises in Vietnam 730

When evaluating an IT solution provider, large enterprises look for something very different from start-ups and SMEs. 

First, burdened by age-old ways of working, this kind of enterprise needs a capable partner—one with solutions innovative enough to modernize every function of the enterprise, without upsetting its already complex systems. 

And second, because no one can afford to hire new people every time a solution is installed, there must be value-added services—consulting, customizing, training, maintenance—from the provider.

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In this post, we have shortlisted the top 6 software companies in Vietnam that can meet the above requirements. These players are somewhat similar to each other, in that they help your enterprise become digital with the latest technologies. The answer to which works best lies in how well their offerings can support your strategies.

What are the top providers of IT solutions for large enterprises in Vietnam?

(You can click any provider's name to navigate to its details)

1. FPT Software—a local firm with a global presence

2. KMS Solutions—the go-to partner for world-class solutions

3. CMC Software—towards a paperless organization

4. Global CyberSoft—extensive vertical industry expertise

5. TRG International—Trusted by hospitality enterprises

6. Gimasys—expert in ERP and Cloud Computing implementation

Now let's get into each provider, what they provide, and how they can benefit enterprises.

FPT Software - a Local Firm with a Global Presence

Most people have heard of FPT Software as the biggest software service company in Vietnam. But few know that this IT powerhouse also offers cloud-based enterprise solutions.

As for ERP software, FPT partners with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft—and so it resells these 3 giants’ software, plus professional services. Enterprises can choose SAP HANA (by SAP), Microsoft Dynamics AX (by Microsoft), JD Edwards (by Oracle), among others.

With large in-house resources, FPT has built many IT solutions by itself.

Of these Vietnam-made solutions, Citus Cloud Suite is one that stands out. It’s a toolset that makes it easier for enterprises to move operations to the cloud. Other solutions by FPT are built for Cloud, too. There are akaDoc for document management, akaminds for IoT & Analytics, or akaWORK for DevOps. They let enterprises centrally manage core activities without relying on on-premise systems. 

There are many reasons to go with FPT Software. One reason is that it has a large talent pool of thousands of professionals. Another is FPT’s global presence since it has expanded to foreign markets such as the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, and the Asia Pacific.


An FPT's complex. Source:

To learn more FPT Software, contact:


KMS Solutions - the Go-to Partner for World-class Solutions

As the new strategic direction of KMS Technology, KMS Solutions aims to make world-class solutions available to local enterprises. It partners with leading software vendors across the globe, "importing" the innovative technologies that Vietnam and the surrounding Asia-Pacific lack. 

KMS’s global partners include Infor, AWS, Katalon, and BlueRidge.

Two of its key offerings are Digital Application Development and Software Development, made possible by more than 1000 IT professionals, and its 10 years of experience. This advantage allows KMS Solutions to customize the solutions in every way customers require. 

For large enterprises that seek to become digital, KMS Solutions offers Enterprise Packaged Software, combining solutions such as Supply Chain Planning, Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Finance & Accounting Management, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Software Testing, Mobile app development, Route Optimization. When going together, these solutions can transform most aspects of an enterprise’s operations. Customers can as well choose to buy them separately. 

Other solutions are Data Analytics Platforms, Business Intelligence (BI), and Test Automation platforms.

To help companies maximize the benefits of its solutions, KMS Solutions also provides professional services such as consulting, customizing, coaching, and maintenance.

Customers in FMCG, Retail, Banking, Insurance, and many others have reported achieving positive results working with KMS Solutions. Some large enterprises that KMS Solutions has worked with are Masan Group, Newviet Dairy, Circle K, Nguyen Kim, ...


KMS Solutions' office in Atlanta

To learn more about KMS Solutions, contact:



Address (Vietnam): 2 Tan Vien Street, Tan Binh District, HCMC

CMC Software - Towards a paperless organization

CMC developed a number of solutions for enterprises that are struggling with complex and manual operations, management, or statutory compliance. There are E-invoice, Accounting Management, Human Resource Management, Enterprise Portal, … 

These solutions help organizations eliminate the use of papers, therefore building a paperless workplace.

Besides, CMC partners with numerous ICT conglomerates (namely, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Oracle) to distribute their solutions to Vietnam.

CMC Software is the solution arm of CMC Corporations. It has implemented software for many large domestic firms such as VTC, VTV, and Vinatex. CMC Software is also trusted by a lot of government departments and public organizations.

IT Solutions office

a CMC office in Hochiminh City. Source: CMC website

To learn more about CMC Software, contact:


Address: 14th Floor, CMC Building,  Cau Giay, Hanoi

Global CyberSoft - Extensive Vertical Industry Expertise

Global CyberSoft (GCS) is another provider of innovative solutions that helps enterprises make digital transformation happen. It is GCS's deep understanding of diverse sectors that makes it so competent as a software provider.

GCS’s solutions support Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, Consumer Electronics & Mobile, Transportation, Energy, Smart Spaces, and a few others.

All of GCS’s software products use digital technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data Analytics. They help enterprises re-organize complex operations for the better, therefore preparing for large-scale transformation.

To ensure high-quality services, GCS applies international standards—ISO 9001 and ISO 27001—into its every practice and approach.

GCS was founded in 2002 and joined Hitachi Consulting Group in 2014. To date, it has built 3 development centers in Vietnam alone. In early 2020, it was rebranded to Hitachi Vantara Vietnam Co., Ltd.


A Global Cybersoft's office. Source: Global Cybersoft website

To learn more about Global CyberSoft, contact:


Address: 1 To Ky, District 12, HCMC

TRG International - Trusted by Hospitality Enterprises

TRG International provides professional services around IT solutions, which include the consulting, installation, and support of such solutions. This IT service company is well-known for solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Retail Management, Business Intelligence, and Talent Management.

TRG International is a good fit for enterprises of hospitality—the one industry that TRG is experienced in and focusing on. It has implemented software for many hospitality companies in and out of Vietnam, including Hilton, Best Western Phu Quoc, Aman Vinh Hy.

TRG International is also capable of other sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction, and Financial Services. 

Customers love TRG International for its customer support team, dedicated and patient enough to go the extra mile when handling every request or concern customers have.


TRG International's CEO presenting at an event it hosted. Source: TRG International's website

To learn more about TRG International, contact:


Address: 145-147, Nguyen Co Thach, District 2, HCMC

Gimasys - Expert in ERP and Cloud Computing Implementation

Similar to TRG, Gimasys partners with 3rd-party software vendors, resell the vendors’ software and add additional value to the software in the form of professional services. Gimasys highly specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Cloud Computing. 

Google, Salesforce, Amazon, and Bentley are some major software vendors that Gimasys is partnering with. 

What makes Gimasys different from other local IT service providers is that it “localizes” the software. This means that Gimasys converts the language used in the solutions into Vietnamese so that users with limited English commands don’t find much trouble using them.

Gimasys is one of the few Google for Work partners in Vietnam. It provides Google Apps for Work, Chrome for Work, Google Maps for Work, Google Search Appliance.

IT Soutions service document sign

Representatives from Gimasys and Oracle signing a partnership. Source: Gimasys website

To learn more about Gimasys, contact:


Address: 17th Floor, Hanoi Creative City, Hanoi

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