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Why Your Business Needs Digital Teams in 2022

Why your business needs digital teams in 2022COVID-19 has disrupted businesses across multiple verticals, forcing them to transform digitally. The report of Microsoft indicates that the changes in work practices during the pandemic will continue since people are getting used to remote working. The shift to remote work has substantially increased the demand for communication and online management tools to support their work. Additionally, as the people’s changing behavior post-covid-19, enterprises need to concentrate on providing more diverse platforms, which help them engage with customers at every touchpoint. Thus, in adapting to the situation of raising needs for software development, companies have looked for more IT professionals with sufficient skills to quickly adapt to the latest technology and deliver products on time. However, the escalation in employee demand has led to a technical talent shortage even after the crisis.

Fortunately, creative minds often come up with new, better solutions to deal with all the struggles. Instead of forming an in-house development team with many processes, A Digital Team that already has specific skill sets and the full spectrum of tech stacks can be a perfect choice.

What It’s Like Building an In-house Development Team?

Hiring a technical team on your own means you have to consider lots of complex wrap-up phases and put considerable effort into it. First, you need to envisage the number of staff required, their responsibilities, the tools and technologies that will be used, and many more things. Then, it’s vital to find the right people on the market. Engaging software development professionals and convincing them to work for your business can be a challenge, especially within the context of a shortage in the technical labor pool. The inconsistent market can make you charge a substantial amount of money to hire suitable ones.

Besides, even when you’re able to hire these sought specialists, you still need to devote considerable time to administrative work like contracts, holidays, sick leaves, etc. Moreover, hiring qualified staff is not enough; you will need to transform that loose group into a team and ensure they all work effectively

What is a Digital Team?

A Digital Team brings the benefits of IT outsourcing to your business. You can hand-pick a group of software development professionals who will work exclusively for your corporation but will be hired by a third party such as KMS Solutions

With the digital team model, you can either take full ownership of your product, scale-up your in-house development team, or simply make up for the resources you lack. Services usually provided by the digital team include:

  • Software Development
  • Software & Application Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • IT Managed Services,
  • Technical Support.

Your dedicated digital team can comprise virtually any combination of experts that suits your requirements: Project Managers, Front-end & Back-end developers, QA/QC engineers, UI/UX designers, Data Engineers, DevOps, and many more roles.

Why Should Companies Hire a Digital Team?

According to the report of Forbes Technology Council, the shortage of qualified tech talents has made it a challenge for companies to build an internal IT team. By cooperating with a technology service provider, you won’t have to worry about hiring challenges, and risks related to HR activities as these are all well-managed by the external vendor. Here’re the main reasons that your business should consider hiring a digital team:

1. Flexibly Expand or Scale Down the Development Team

One of the best advantages of the dedicated digital team model is scalability. It allows you to acquire additional IT resources through staff augmentation or to delegate the project in its entirety to the external team. Unlike building an internal team, which is resource-intensive and takes time, partnering with trusted technology vendors will help you effortlessly scale the team at a certain level of your business requirements. 

Moreover, as businesses may not require the same staffing level year-round, the digital team can grow or shrink with you, adding services and support based on your immediate needs.

Referring to the case study of a leading Australian Bank, it has grown the technical workforce by 6 times with KMS’s Talents. During the cooperation of eight years, project change requests have been considered and applied to ensure the productivity of the digital team.

2. Minimize Recruitment Struggle

Forming the in-house development team means you’ll be responsible for the entire hiring and training process. Not only do you need to search for a replacement for leaving staff, but when a new developer is found, you are also required to take care of them thoroughly. 

Having a digital team is less complicated as the IT service providers will help you manage all the risks associated with recruitment and administrative work. Hence, the operation’s performance can be improved since you only need to concentrate on your core business and leave the rest for the external partner.

3. Have Comprehensive Specialists in One Place

These days, most projects require extensive knowledge of many methodologies and technologies. An outsourcing partner often employs team members who are well-versed in a multitude of technologies and have sufficient skills and knowledge to face any programming challenges. Thus, instead of hiring freelancers, who commonly focus on one technology or spending significant time looking for suitable candidates, you can partner with a reliable IT vendor to have your “dream team” within seconds.

For example, KMS Solutions’ digital teams that combine proven expertise in Scaled Agile and Automation Testing can help accelerate the software development lifecycle and lead your internal team to overcome challenges.

4. Improve Innovation and Performance

Cross-functional staff can contribute distinct skill sets and perspectives to the projects, encouraging new ideas to express. This allows knowledge to be spread evenly among the team, and team members can learn from each other, from external team to internal team and vice versa. All of these lead to more innovative solutions that promote final satisfaction and improve team performance.

Challenges of Hiring a Dedicated Digital Team

Hiring the digital team can be an opportunity for your company to enhance its operational performance. However, there are a few drawbacks of it that you should consider:

  • Difficulty in communications: with a group of individuals working remotely, the discussion often takes place through email and other communication tools, which are definitely inferior to face-to-face contact. Moreover, when the partner and client are from different countries, there comes the apparent challenge of language barriers. 

  • The difference in time zones: when companies operate in distinct regions, they may face conflict in working hours. However, these issues can be reduced by keeping online corporations organized and coming to an agreement on required work hours before starting the project. Applying the principles of agile development is also an effective way to overcome the problems.

  • Security issues: leaving your work to a secondary party handle can impact your data safety. Your information will suffer if the partner cannot meet the required safety standards.

When to Hire a Dedicated Digital Team?

Whether or not a digital team will work for you depends mainly on your business’s requirements.

The first example where a digital team can be a prominent option is when you want to grow and expand your company rapidly. Onboarding the digital team takes a significant hiring process out of your hands and will be handled by software development partners.

Another situation in which a digital team could benefit your company is when the project requires to stay flexible. In the ever-changing industries, a flexible development team is crucial for any chance of success. The high-performing digital teams will not only be flexible by nature, but they will also work at the cutting edge of technology – and on desired skills for which recruiting is toughest. 

When It Works

The digital team model works well with organizations that have a good concentration on business goals and vision. 

Take, for instance, ACB bank has the vision of prioritizing its mobile-first strategy to attract and engage mobile-savvy customers. However, they lack the technical ability to develop and maintain the entire application, which results in the need for a digital team. By onboarding the KMS Solutions team, they were able to quickly introduce the app to consumers and delineate a comprehensive roadmap to fulfill the business’s goal.

When It Doesn’t

On the other side of the coin, the digital team is not the best option when you do not have clear objectives or project management. Or when your project is just in an ideation stage and hasn’t been well-researched yet.

Where to Find Your Desired Digital Team?

Finding the trusted vendor for a digital team isn’t as tricky as creating such a team from scratch. Looking closely at various APAC countries, Vietnam is a promising destination for providing low-cost, high-quality digital teams. 

In Vietnam, KMS Solutions is one of the leading companies in supplying IT services. We have delivered various successful projects helping enterprises across the globe grow and achieve more. Moreover, we’re ranked top 1 among Manifest’s list of the best Vietnam IT companies for providing software development, digital testing, as well as development team services. As is listed in Top software development companies and Top software testing companies on Goodfirms, we are proud to provide you with the best services among our 1,600+ expertise and modern technologies to ensure your project’s performance.


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