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    KMS Solutions becomes the first provider of SAFe® in Vietnam

    Scaled Agile

    21st September 2021, KMS Solutions announced that it had joined the Scaled Agile Partner Network as a Bronze Transformation Partner. As the first Scaled Agile Partner in Vietnam, KMS Solutions’ team of Certified SAFe® Program Consultants will provide comprehensive Agile consultancy and training services to help domestic businesses accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

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    As the world’s leading framework for business agility, SAFe helps enterprises build agility into their culture so they can quickly identify and deliver customer value, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and improve business outcomes. SAFe is practiced by more than 20,000 businesses worldwide, including American Express, Porsche, PepsiCo, FedEx, and Bosch.

    KMS Solutions joined the Scaled Agile Partner Network in September 2021 as a Bronze Transformation Partner. For the first time in Vietnam, KMS Solutions will introduce SAFe training and consultancy packages to businesses. To achieve Partner status, KMS Solutions demonstrated extensive experience and competency in coaching SAFe and implementing Agile practices.

    Agile has long been deemed the enabler of successful digital transformation. According to a report from Digital.AI, up to 86% of businesses surveyed have implemented Agile in 2021, up from 37% in 2020.

    However, in Vietnam, Agile has yet to be applied widely nor efficiently. “Most domestic businesses still rely on the Waterfall model. The rigidity of this model cannot meet the speed required for a business to achieve digital transformation," quoted Mr. Duong Pham, Project Manager at KMS Solutions and also a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant.

    There are three reasons why SAFe is trusted by so many billion-dollar businesses:

    1. Digital transformation requires businesses to continuously innovate by applying a wide range of new technologies within a short amount of time. Thanks to SAFe, they can achieve the same level of innovation as a tech startup.
    2. Digital transformation is a cultural problem. As Peter Drucker put it: “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Thanks to SAFe, businesses can build a growth culture, where innovative ideas are continuously bred and incubated.
    3. Digital transformation is a journey of risks. Thanks to Agile, businesses will not circumvent, but directly face the risks while capturing new growth opportunities with the "fail fast learn faster" mindset.

    As a leader in Agile software development, KMS Solutions, through SAFe training and coaching, will help businesses apply Agile thinking to their IT systems alone, and also in their culture and thinking.

    “Working with best-in-class partners like KMS Solutions represents our commitment to helping software and systems-dependent enterprises improve time-to-market, quality, and employee engagement,” said Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe and cofounder of Scaled Agile, Inc. “By incorporating SAFe into their solution offering, KMS Solutions is enabling the world’s largest organizations to become more Agile in the marketplace and more competitive in their industry.”

    Recently, KMS Solutions also organized an Agile training session for Vietnam Military Bank (MB Bank) and received many positive responses from this bank.

    About KMS Solutions

    KMS Solutions works closely with leading software companies across the globe to bring the most advanced and innovative technologies to Asia-Pacific. The focus is to help organizations achieve their business goals through world-class fit-for-purpose solutions and proven industry best practices. KMS Solutions’ success is ultimately measured by the positive impact on the client’s business.

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    About Scaled Agile, Inc.

    Scaled Agile, Inc., is the provider of SAFe®, the world's leading framework for business agility. Through learning and certification, a global partner network, and a growing community of over 800,000 trained professionals, Scaled Agile helps enterprises build agility into their culture so that they can quickly identify and deliver customer value, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and improve business outcomes. Scaled Agile is a contributing member of the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy and community service movement. Learn more at

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