KMS Solutions Ending its November with Remarkable Movements

Posted by KMS Solutions on Dec 4, 2019 2:27:38 PM

KMS Solutions Ending its November with Remarkable Movements

KMS Solutions has performed a number of great feats this month. Aside from expanding our reach to other markets in the region, we have contracted with 2 more promising providers. The management team also has set a clear game plan for the upcoming 2020, working towards more strategic partnerships to strengthen our credentials and competencies.

Expanding global footprint

2019 marked KMS Solutions’ entry into the Vietnam market and subsequently into other prospective regions in South East Asia. Thanks to our hectic yet zestful training plans and onsite schedules, our team members are mapping the world with their footprints wherever they go.

Consulting/Solution Partnership with AWS to enlarge offering portfolio 

KMS Solutions has concluded a partnership agreement with AWS, allowing us to further diversify and expand our offering portfolio. This strategic partnership also bolsters our position as a market-leading value-added reseller. 

Implementation service contract signed with Thermo Fisher Scientific covering Asia Pacific

Rooted in our cause to become a one-stop software provider, KMS Solutions has entered into an implementation service contract with Thermo Fisher Scientific - biotechnology product development company, to broaden our focus to other prospective markets.

Completing our service offerings portfolio for 2020

Business Technology Consulting is to bridge the gap between business and technology, serving as a landing point for the consulting, execution, and management of a full solution suite to drive work downstream in multiple years.

Digital Applications is seen as one of KMS’s most significant strategic moves this year, through which we could address the compelling need for digital transformation of enterprises in Viet Nam and SEA.

Warehouse Management Solution has a great potential to scale in Vietnam and the region in part due to the booming growth of the e-commerce market and the constant change of customer demand.




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