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    KMS Solutions was accorded "Fast Enterprise" award at APEA 2021

    Telecommunication and ICT - KMS Solutions

    APEA specifically recognized KMS Solutions' resilience and resourcefulness in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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    Digitize with customers to overcome the pandemic

    Alluding to KMS Solutions, APEA’s judges emphasized that not only does the award recognize the company's feat in turning challenges into opportunities; but it also appreciates the transformative value that KMS contributed to clients during the pandemic.

    “Only when KMS is the embodiment of digital transformation that it is qualified to accompany clients through their digital journey,” shared Duy Le, CEO of KMS Solutions.

    Not letting Covid become a threat, KMS has activated hybrid working from 2020, and completely embraced work-from-home at the end of April. Duy said that these proactive measures were essential to ensure employees’ well-being and business’ survival.

    “KMS Solutions is always ready to adapt, even take advantage of changes, no matter if it’s minor or major, and we want to empower our clients with this ability. True to APEA’s theme this year, KMS Solutions is proud to walk with businesses on their journey to sustainable growth", Duy emphasized.

    COVID-19 has rendered digitization a matter of survival. Large enterprises need a capable IT partner to migrate onto digital platforms. KMS Solutions’ digital offerings not only help businesses overcome the pandemic, but also leverage it to explore new opportunities. ACB, YOLA, Golden Gate, and GIC are a few among many leading enterprises that entrusted their digital endeavor to KMS Solutions.

    Affirming the position as APAC’s digital transformation leader

    Anticipating APAC’s booming demand for technologies, KMS Solutions’ leaders resolved that KMS Solutions’ mission is to empower businesses in the region with world-class IT solutions.

    KMS Solutions established its position as a trusted digital transformation partner in APAC when it was contracted by major clients in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and Australia. 

    Although 2021 brought myriad challenges, KMS Solutions achieved many remarkable successes.

    Domestically, it has perfected Modern Banking (MOBA) platform, a package of technologies such as eKYC, Digital Lending, and Pay Now Pay Later, allowing banks to embrace digital transformation faster and comprehensively.

    Thanks to the sound strategies of leadership, the relentless efforts of the company's employees, and a bit of luck, KMS Solutions closed this tumultuous year with 360% revenue growth, exceeding its board expectations.

    In addition, KMS Solutions actively invests in community campaigns. In 2019, it became a partner of Newborns, helping this NGO develop an online logbook to ensure the quality of neonatal care in Vietnam. KMS Solutions is also a member of Pledge 1%, a group of businesses committing 1% of profits to the community. Internally, it organized numerous fundraising activities to financially support the troubled lives due to the prolonged lockdown.

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