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    KMS Solutions Honorably Received Two Awards at Top 10 Digital Technology Companies 2023

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    As part of KMS Technology, KMS Solutions, with the mission of supporting enterprises in the BFSI sector to optimize operational efficiency, foster innovation, and elevate product and service offerings, has excellently won double prestigious trophies of Top 10 Digital Technology Companies 2023 in its first participation - namely Digital Transformation Services & Solutions and Fintech.

    Focus on specialized areas to enhance competitive capabilities

    Aiming to become a trusted provider of digital transformation services and solutions for banks and financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific market, KMS Solutions brings together a team of excellent engineers along with advanced solutions.

    Currently, the company has more than 200 GTM members for the BFSI sector and over 1600 IT talents in the Delivery Centre that are instrumental in delivering specialized services including: Custom Software Development, Dedicated Software Development Teams, Enterprise Software Testing, Offshore Technology Centre for Digital Transformation, and Business Process Management.

    Over the course of almost five years of operation and growth, KMS Solutions has recorded an impressive 9-fold revenue growth and numerous accomplishments in the technology sector,  notably including a double victory at the Top 10 Digital Technology Companies 2023 awards.

    The achievements of our clients serve as the cornerstone for KMS Solutions’ operations

    Mr Tai Le, SVP of the ASEAN Business, KMS Solutions, believes that “Committed to and striving for customer success through technology initiatives, KMS Solutions continuously enhances its digital capabilities, encompassing both expertise and a profound grasp of the business domain. We concentrate on innovative digital solutions, high-caliber personnel, the development of cutting-edge technical infrastructure, and the provision of enduring, sustainable value to our clients.”

    The year 2023 has witnessed the achievements that KMS Solutions has brought to its customers and the company itself by successfully executing a range of cutting-edge technology projects. KMS Solutions has provided comprehensive consultation and digital financial services solutions to clients worldwide, especially those operating in the APAC region, consisting of: Enhancing software testing efficiency and delivering advanced automation testing training sessions customized for different testing teams, Delivering seamless payment gateway integration services, Establishing an embedded microinsurance ecosystem, etc.

    Prominent clients of the company include ACB, TPBank, MBBank, Sacombank, Axi, Discovermarket, Mirea Asset, and more.

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    Investing in digital capabilities, employee excellence, and innovative culture

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    Through fostering a culture of innovation, continuous exploration of new ideas, and leading the way in technological advancements, proactively leverages cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Big Data, Open Banking, RPA, and Automated Testing to assist businesses in swiftly and efficiently propelling their digital transformation efforts. 

    Besides delivering solutions that meet international standards for information and data security management, such as ISO27001, SOC2, etc., KMS Solutions also ensures project quality through enterprise security standards, and the excellence delivery framework adhering to the organization's standards, while remaining compliant with customer requirements.

    Simultaneously, enhancing the quality of professionals, training, and cultivating a team of highly skilled engineers remain integral to the company's long-term growth strategy. This also serves as a competitive edge for KMS Solutions, boasting a team of leading experts with deep expertise in the BFSI sector, providing dedicated consultation and seamless technology development, and offering quick and professional support to customers throughout project implementation.

    A breath of fresh air in the realm of digital transformation within the BFSI industry

    Besides the domestic market, KMS Solutions anticipates ongoing expansion of business operations into key strategic markets such as Australia and Singapore, with the goal of enhancing our engagement with strategic partners and assisting Financial - Banking enterprises in addressing challenges and meeting new opportunities.

    “KMS Solutions aspires to revolutionize the digital transformation journey within the BFSI sectors, a domain demanding significant technical expertise and profound industry insights for delivering innovative technology solutions, transforming the digital financial service experience, gaining competitive advantages, and enhancing operational quality." Tai Le said.

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