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    5 Signs You Should Offshore Your Dedicated Software Team

    5 Signs You Should Offshore Your Dedicated Software Team

    In today's fast-paced business environment, companies face increasing pressure to deliver high-quality digital solutions quickly and cost-effectively. However, for many businesses, building their own IT departments may not be economically viable, especially if technology is not one of the firm's core competencies. 

    Hence, the concept of offshore dedicated software teams has gained tremendous traction as it allows enterprises to access an extensive talent pool and get their work done at a fraction of the cost.

    If you're still unsure whether or not offshore software development is suitable for your firm, here are six signs that can validate your need for this operational model.

    1. It is a one-time project or secondary task for you

    Recruiting software developers or establishing an IT department from scratch makes no sense when working on a one-off project.

    Offshore software teams offer the possibility to involve dedicated experts rapidly and pay only for hours worked without undertaking labour-intensive and time-consuming hiring processes.

    Moreover, as technology constantly evolves, it can be difficult for non-tech enterprises to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. This is where offshore IT services come in. They have extensive experience working with different programming languages, frameworks, and tools. This means they can provide the necessary expertise and fresh ideas to help develop innovative software products.

    2. You are looking to lower costs.

    One of the main benefits of offshore development is cost-effectiveness compared to hiring in-house developers. Bringing new employees on board can be costly, considering expenses like monthly salaries, paid sick leaves, insurance, equipment, etc.

    For businesses on a tight budget, offshore dedicated software teams can be a highly effective way to reduce costs. Not only does it relieve you of the burden of these costs, but you will also have access to experienced specialists with diverse skill sets without investing in training.

    IT offshoring also means a more competitive hourly developer rate, allowing you more significant savings. This is due to the lower cost of living in emerging countries. For instance, Vietnam, with a large educated workforce and cheap labour, has become one of the most attractive offshore software development centre destinations.

    3. Projects require specific expertise you can't find in-house.

    There may come a time when your team needs to perform specialised tasks for a particular development stage, and no one has the necessary skills without extensive training. For example, you plan to adopt automated performance testing for the upcoming app development project to accelerate time-to-market. Yet, your testing team only knows manual testing. Offshoring automated testers would be the best course of action in such instances.

    With this approach, you are not restricted to the local workforce. Instead, you can acquire highly-skilled employees in other countries who have the needed expertise and can address your needs effectively at an affordable cost.

    4. Your business wants to achieve scalability.

    Another benefit of offshore dedicated software teams is their ability to scale up or down quickly. Adopting offshore IT services implies your business can adjust its staffing levels to meet changing demands without incurring the costs associated with hiring and training new employees.

    When you work on a project with tight deadlines, offshore teams can swiftly increase their resources to help your firm meet a student surge in workload or scale down when the project is complete. This makes offshore dedicated software team an ideal solution for businesses needing flexibility and agility to stay competitive.

    5. When you experience a tech talent shortage

    Suppose you're having difficulty finding qualified candidates or are unable to attract top talents like other big tech companies for your development team locally. In that case, an offshore software team can help bridge the gap. With a large pool of skilled professionals, offshore IT service providers can help you find specialised talent that can be difficult or expensive to obtain locally. In addition, offshore software developers often have experience working on projects with clients worldwide, giving them a global perspective and the ability to work across time zones.

    Where to find reputation offshore dedicated software teams?

    Vietnam has emerged as a hotspot for IT offshoring due to its stable political environment, highly skilled and relatively affordable workforce. According to a recent report of Statista, the country's revenue in the IT outsourcing segment is anticipated to grow $534,90M USD in 2023. 

    In case your business lies in one of those above-mentioned signs and want to start looking for potential ODC service providers, here is a list of top 5 prestigious Vietnamese IT outsourcing companies  you can consider partnering with to build a dedicated software engineering team from the ground up.

    1. KMS Solutions

    As a subsidiary of KMS Group with more than 12 years of experience in the IT services  industry, KMS Solutions has established itself as a reliable tech partner for enterprises across the APAC region. The company’s commitment to delivering excellent software products and services has earned it the 9th spot on Clutch’s Top 100 Fastest-Growth B2B Providers, with a growth rate of 260.35%. 

    kms solutions-2

    With 1,600+ tech talents within its IT delivery centers scattered across Vietnam and India, KMS Solutions offers a wide array of services, ranging from platform modernization, automation testing, digital platform & app development to data and analytics. Its high-quality digital solutions and experienced digital teams have earned the trust of large enterprises like Accenture, Circle K, ACB, Resicap, Elemica, and many more.

    Address: Level 5, 6 O'Connell St Sydney NSW 2000


    2. Saigon Technology

    Established in 2012, Saigon Technology is a well-established Agile software outsourcing company with an impressive track record of global consumers, mainly in Europe, Australia, Singapore and North America. The firm specializes in offshore software development services for the banking, healthcare and retail sectors. It is certified among 15 best Agile software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020.

    3. Savvycom Software

    Savvy Software is dedicated to providing digital transformation consulting services and software solutions in finance, healthcare and retail. With its 700+ developers, Savvy Software has delivered more than 400 projects, including digital transformation, dedicated development teams, blockchain solutions, and custom software development. Aiming to become the leading IT company in ASEAN and beyond, the organization has expanded its operations to USA and Australia alongside its headquarter in Hanoi. 

    4. Rikkeisoft

    Founded in 2012, Rikkeisoft offers technology resources & services for the US, Europe, and APAC region. Its outsourcing offerings involve software development, business process management, CAD, UI/UX design, managed services and quality assurance. Throughout its 10 years of service, Rikkeisoft has delivered more than 1,000 projects for 500+ consumers in the public sector, automotive, logistics, media, finance and retails industries.

    5. CMC Global

    Starting in 2016 as a division of CMC Corporation, CMC Global aims to bring Vietnamese high-tech products and IT services to the global market. The firm supplies businesses with various offerings, from custom software development, maintenance, legacy migration to all types of testing services. It also provides multiple working methods, comprising project-based, staff augmentation, hybrid and results-based.

    Final Thoughts

    If any of these signs sound familiar, it's time to consider an offshore dedicated software team. By working with a team of skilled professionals abroad, you can increase efficiency, cut expenses, and provide top-notch digital experience to your customers at affordable rates. And those attributes are what KMS Solutions deliver to our clients.

    Based in Vietnam - the golden goose of affordable and quality tech talent, KMS Solutions' offshore dedicated software team entails only the best talent. Our high-performing technical specialists range from software developers, data analysts, QA experts,… you name it. 

    If you're looking for a future-proof tech team to help master your digital projects, KMS Solutions might be the ideal partner for your offshore software development needs. Book a meeting now to learn more about our Digital Team services.

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