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    Software Projects Development: Why Do You Need a Technology Partner

    Software Projects Development Why Do You Need a Technology Partner - KMS Solutions

    In 2021, it is clear that technologies and digital transformation are necessary for organizations to compete and become prosperous in the new economy. Adopting innovative technologies allows companies to transform and optimize their operations, attract and retain customers, and increase employee productivity. And software development is vital to make digital transformation happen. 

    Yet, if your business is not in the IT industry, implementing software development projects will bring many technical and non-technical challenges that may prevent the project from being completed. Therefore, it is necessary to engage business and technology consulting services to help your business avoid costly potential errors that may negatively affect the project's overall ROI (return on investment).

    In this article, let’s examine how business technology consulting and software development services can help enterprises with their software development projects, as well as how to choose the right technology partner for such a project.

    Why do businesses need software development partners?

    When it comes to technology and software development, many things can go wrong with the project, which leads to a waste of time and money or even to project failure.

    Errors may already occur in the planning phase - for instance, choosing the wrong technology stacks can lead to the implementation of incorrect solutions or inefficient systems. Also, with poor planning, companies would not be able to allocate sufficient resources to the development process and so on.

    By partnering with software consulting experts, companies can steer clear of potential failures before starting, as well as avoid projects exceeding budget, identify and reduce risks in advance, and ultimately improve the overall quality of software projects.

    What Type of Software Development Project Does Your Business Need?

    Many business processes have the potential for transformation and optimization. Depending on the process’s nature, IT development can be carried out to streamline the process accordingly.

    Again, if your business is not in the IT industry, it’s better to engage the services provided by software development and technology vendors to help take care of all the development needs, to ensure that all the crucial technical requirements are properly addressed and implemented.

    Below are some of the most common development project types which require businesses to utilize the services provided by external technology partners:

    Digital App Development

    Digital app & platform development (e.g. web and mobile application development) is increasingly becoming a key channel for companies to communicate and interact with their customers. The primary purpose of those applications is to enable consumers to interact with your business easily, conveniently as well as, shop and conduct financial transactions in a real-time manner.

    Your technology partners need to be able to work with the business teams to build digital apps that are user-friendly designed, and effectively solve real-world business use cases, as well as enhance business operations.

    Digital Testing and Software QA

    Digital testing and software QA are essential processes that help to ensure product quality by identifying errors and bugs which need to be fixed before release. Many companies lack QA teams and processes. Others ignore QA. Engaging the services provided by digital testing and software QA vendors can help you build a QA strategy or improve your existing QA process and testing strategy.

    Moreover, many businesses in the BFSI industry are required to comply with regulations such as PCI-DSS (online payment), and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) & AML (Anti Money Laundering), etc. which is difficult and may need extensive resources to accomplish. The technology partners who are experienced can assist to establish a clear roadmap to help businesses meet those particular requirements, including software QC engineers hiring and training.

    Packaged Software Solutions 

    For many businesses in particular industries such as logistics, an effective supply chain management solution development can make a real difference between success and failure. At KMS Solutions, we leverage our technology expertise, long time industry experience, and team dedication to ensure the technological side of your digital retail and eCommerce business contributes effectively to your profitability target.

    We empower global retailers, logistics providers, and eCommerce enterprises to take full advantage of the power of technology by applying our enterprise package software solutions into operation, gaining exceptional growth rates.

    Data & Analytics

    Data can provide many valuable insights to help businesses with the decision-making process. Through the use of ETL (extract, transform, load) and other methods such as aggregation, and thorough analysis, companies can leverage data and analytics to gain insights into how the organization is operating now. Also, from data collected and analyzed, businesses may detect hidden patterns and realize how to better sell to customers and improve conversions.

    However, advanced analytics solutions can be extremely challenging to implement. Employing expert analytics services provided by external agencies can help you move your project forward, given the high market demand for data and analytics expertise.

    Maintenance and support

    For companies to stay abreast of new technology trends and provide adequate support and training to end-users for the new digital systems, proactive support and maintenance plan is crucial. By working with a technology partner, companies can ensure to achieve such a goal at a very affordable price.

    How can technology consulting firms help enterprises with their software development projects?

    Your technology partner can offer the much-needed skills to fill the technical gaps in your organization. They provide the necessary engineering expertise needed, as well as methodologies to turn your development project into a success.

    Need Help with Your Project? Contact Us

    At KMS Solutions, here are a few things among the many areas that our IT professionals and experts can do to help with your project:

    • Project Analysis: our IT specialists and experts can work with your team to define and prioritize the project requirements as well as establish a world-class architecture leaving room for future scalability and integration requirements. We also evaluate the project feasibility, business process, and help align IT initiatives with the business’ vision and mission.
    • Technology Consulting: we help you select the most suitable technology for your systems as well as modernizing outdated or ineffective technologies into advanced ones. We help build an IT roadmap that fits and arm you with the solutions that work.

    And more.

    How to Effectively Collaborate with Your Technology Partner?

    A reliable software & technology partner can offer you a wide range of engagement models that are tailored to meet your unique project requirements. In particular, an experienced partner should be able to join your team at any stage of the project.

    Depending on the project nature, the expert team can work with you end-to-end, throughout the entire project, or you can hire them on an ongoing basis and enable them to co-sourcing with your in-house IT team on a long-term basis.  

    For effective solutions, enterprises in the APAC region are increasingly turning to the offshore region of Vietnam to help alleviate the IT talent shortfall. Working mobile application developmentwith a trusted technology partner and their digital team in Vietnam can provide the same benefits as those experts in the local market, but at drastically reduced costs.

    Equally importantly, the external vendor will allow you to scale up and down the resources team capacity to match with your project needs at a given time, for example at the later stage of the project after going live.


    All things considered, the right technology partner can help deliver the solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and best suited - aligning with your unique business strategy and IT development goals.

    The experienced consulting & technology partner will take into consideration your project goals, specific industry challenges, and unique business problems to help you reduce costs, derive maximum values, and achieve a competitive edge in the long run.

    As a leading business technology consulting company in the Asia Pacific region, KMS Solution provides a wide range of IT consulting services, perfectly matching your organization’s particular business requirements. Our team of IT professionals can help you define and implement solutions that are best suitable and cost-effective, delivering at the highest quality standards.

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