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    More Inspirations for your Banking UI/UX App with these 9 Case Studies

    ui ux case studies for banking app

    Digital Banking UI/UX is flourishing now that fintech startups continuously deliver new products that focus on one type of service, such as e-wallets, P2P payment, investment, personal finance management. At the same time, traditional banks are trying to keep up with them by developing comprehensive mobile banking apps - one that integrates all banking services into one user-centric platform.

    "If you are looking to design a banking app, below are the top 10 digital banking app UI/UX design case studies that can inspire you with eye-opening ideas and help you stay up-to-date with the latest UX/UI and technology trends.

    Table of Contents

    1. Citibank’s Global Banking App

    2. MasterCard's Pre-Paid Card Management

    3. Monzo

    4. Klarna

    5. ACB’s Business Banking App

    6. Actiwallet

    7. Alfa-Bank's Digital Banking App

    8. BCS’s Personal Banking App

    9. Cradle’s Mobile Banking App

    Citibank's Global Banking App

    Thanks to Citibank’s user-centric application, users find it extremely easy to transfer money anywhere in the world in just a few phones taps. This banking app’s UI/UX experience design has a very modern and user-friendly style so users of all age can easily get familiar with

    View the full case study of Citibank

    citibank UI UX banking - case studies 1

    Source: Behance

    citibank UI UX banking case studies 2

    Source: Behance

    citibank UI UX banking case studies 3

    Source: Behance


    MasterCard's Pre-Paid Card Management

    With this product, MasterCard enables users to manage all their cards and use related services all in-app. They redesigned the entire card management feature, which now has a simple and clean UI/UX interface.

    Learn more about this MasterCard's case study.

    Source: Davide Tremolada



    Monzo's Digital Lending app is a perfect example of straightforward, fast, yet simple UI/UX. It has an incredibly smooth loans flow, allowing users to get a loan in just a couple of taps.

    monzo UI UX banking KMS Solutions (1)


    Source: UI Design



    Klarna is now among the most famous Buy Now Pay Later fintech products. The idea behind Buy Now Pay Later is users can purchase from the retailers that partnered with the BNPL platform, receive the goods, and pay for them via Klarna later.

    Klarnar UI UX banking case study 1

    Source: Klarna


    ACB’s Business Banking App

    Developed by KMS Solutions, Business Banking App lets users take care of their business finance in a matter of phone touches, around-the-clock, and on the move. From this all-in-one app, users can look up business balances & accounts, and make or approve transactions and transfers. All that is done safely because international standards of data security are applied, and conveniently because every feature that business users need is put into one place.  

    Read all about the case study of ACB.

    Explore: Why Banks Need to build a Business Banking App?

    acb mobile banking app development case studySource: KMS Solutions



    Actiwallet is a digital wallet designed for its private social network, where everyone can sell or buy any digital goods. All transactions are processed within this wallet. 

    View the full case study of Actiwallet

    actiwallet banking UI UX case study 1

    Source: Behance

    actiwallet banking UI UX case study 2

    Source: Behance


    Alfa-Bank's Digital Banking App

    Alfa-Bank is best-known in Russia and Ukraine. It is listed as among the 10 biggest banks in terms of capital in these 2 countries. Their app can give traditional banks many UI/UX inspirations

    View the full case study of Alfa-Bank

    alfa banking ui ux

    Source: Behance

    alfa banking ui ux 2

    Source: Behance


    BCS’s Personal Banking App

    BCS Bank is among the largest investment companies in Russia. Their team designed a mobile application with a friendly and easy-to-use UI/UX experience that allows customers to manage their finances more intuitively.

    View the full case study of BCS.


    Source: Behance


    Source: Behance


    Cradle’s Mobile Banking App

    Cradle is among those first banks where users can create an account from anywhere. Customers can transfer money, get the most favorable exchange rates, and withdraw money from any ATMs without any extra fees. 

    View the full case study of Cradle

    cradle banking ui ux case study 1

    Source: Behance

    cradle banking ui ux case study 2

    Source: Behance


    This article gathers some of the best UI/UX case studies for digital banking apps, demonstrating how banks, financial institutions, and fintech alike can design modern products that put customers at the center.

    In 2019, KMS Solutions helped ACB develop a user-center banking app for its business clients. Learn more about the ACB banking app case study here.

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