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    5 Ways KMS Solutions Can Help Your Financial Service Company

    How KMS Can Help Financial Service Company

    In today’s digital age, innovative technology plays an essential role in the success and growth of financial services companies.

    KMS Solutions specialises in helping clients in the banking and financial services sector embrace digital transformation. Going beyond traditional software development services, our extensive offerings span everything from consulting to data analytics, automated testing, and offshoring tasks; we are ready to be your end-to-end solutions partner.

    In this article, we’ll explore five ways KMS Solutions can assist banking and financial service companies with IT & software support.

    #1. Developing Digital Applications & Platforms

    KMS Solutions specialises in creating digital apps and platforms for companies in the banking and financial services sector, offering end-to-end IT & development support around client-facing applications and enterprise systems.

    Having worked with over 130 organisations worldwide, we place our focus on accelerating the full cycle of mobile app & software development, including integrating legacy and new enterprise systems for seamless business operations. We leverage industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies to help clients promote a true digital transformation. In doing so, our team emphasises agile and continuous delivery practices to offer a host of advantages, including:

    • Speed up software development life cycle
    • Reduce product's time to market
    • Enhance cost efficiency by cutting down the cost investing on recruiting and retaining internal teams
    • Maximise customer value with innovative platforms

    As we specialise in the BFSI sector, some financial services software that we provide include:

    • Mobile Banking App Development: We guarantee smooth integration within the middle layers of the core banking system, consistently maintaining and upgrading the systems to provide customers with a highly personalized banking experience.
    • Insurance software solutions: Our specialists offer advanced insurance software solutions that optimize essential processes such as underwriting, claims management, and policy administration.
    • Trading and Investment platforms: We build and customize trading platforms that enhance efficiency through real-time data analysis and automated trading systems. Our experts customize solutions to suit your needs, improve existing commercial trading platforms, and ensure seamless integration with your banking systems, ERP, and other software.
    • eWallet development: Our Fintech software developers help deliver feature-rich and fully secured professional eWallet apps that let Fintech companies handle transactions faster and more efficiently. Help clients meet the demands of modern users.

    We are proud of our approach, which, unlike many IT companies, is marked by engineering excellence, operational efficiency, industry-standard security compliance, and global delivery capabilities. This ensures comprehensive support for clients' software development needs.

    #2. Technology Consulting

    Our business technology consulting services assist clients in developing comprehensive roadmaps for digital transformation, software development, and new product ideas.

    Working alongside your team, we deliver tailored, strategic planning for digital transformation, accelerating software development cycles, and integrating new capabilities into systems for enhanced performance. Our focus is on adopting an API-first approach and applying best practices and advanced technologies for client advantages.

    We emphasise delivering a digital-first experience, fostering product innovation, and achieving operational efficiency through digitisation and automation. Clients benefit from a wide network of partnerships, operational efficiency strategies, and access to over 1600 domain experts.

    #3. Software Testing

    We provide a holistic, 360˚ test coverage approach and automation testing framework to re-engineer the complex testing process and ensure high-quality financial services software. Our specialist developers offer comprehensive end-to-end testing solutions aimed at:

    • Optimising test coverage
    • Speeding up time-to-market
    • Maintaining quality assurance
    • Enhancing team collaboration
    • Presenting results with data & analytics

    To do this, we employ a full spectrum of testing capabilities, ranging from requirement analysis, test planning, design, execution, and reporting, our end-to-end testing services include functional, performance, security, compatibility, regression, and user acceptance testing, ensuring your applications undergo thorough testing for the highest quality.

    Within this service, our key offerings are:

    By partnering with our team, we can provide codeless test automation to build software faster with minimal maintenance, as well as enterprise application testing tools for platforms such as Katalon, Selenium, etc. These services are designed to optimise and orchestrate quality assurance testing across teams and projects, facilitating high-speed releases and integrating seamlessly with DevOps teams and Agile planning tools.

    #4. Scaled Agile

    KMS Solutions also provide Agile Master solutions, delivering a training and consulting service focused on implementing Agile methodologies in businesses. We offer courses and consultation to facilitate Lean-Agile transformation in both client-facing applications and large-scale enterprise systems, with our primary offerings including:

    1. Leading SAFe: A course providing a deep understanding of the fundamentals of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), laying the groundwork for Lean-Agile transformation.
    2. SAFe for Practitioners: Training teaching effective Agile team membership within the Agile Release Train, including planning and executing PI (Program Increment) training.
    3. SAFe Consulting: Expert guidance on executing and enhancing PI planning, fostering new mindsets and skillsets, crucial for launching and leading Agile Release Trains.

    We employ a series of tried-and-true methodologies, driving rapid improvements in team member engagement, productivity, market release times, and overall quality. These enhancements are achieved by fostering individual responsibility, revolving around value-driven processes, speeding up decision-making, and continuously improving with a user and customer-centric focus.

    #5. Offshore Technology Centre

    As an established software development company with an expansive talent pool, we regularly partner with organisations looking to invest in offshore IT projects, providing comprehensive solutions for building and scaling agile engineering teams. With clients across Australia, the US, Vietnam, and more, we are recognised as a leader in IT and software development, offering services such as custom software development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

    We provide a dedicated software development team adaptable to various project scopes, helping your business:

    • Enhance team capacity
    • Increase product innovation
    • Stand out through proven methodologies
    • Gain access to a wide pool of talent
    • Enjoy a faster go-to-market
    • Maintain industry-standard security compliance
    • Utilise regional delivery centres
    • Reduce overheads

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    As one of the leading IT companies in Australia, the US, and the Asia-Pacific region, our team at KMS Solutions is ready to partner with your organisation. To learn more about our services for software development, banking application development, consulting, data analytics, offshoring, and more, please contact us today.

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