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    Why Australian Businesses Should Hire an Offshore Software Development Team

    Australian Businesses Should Hire an Offshore Software Development Team

    Australian organisations searching for new ways to stay competitive and efficient in an increasingly digital world should always search for new ways to optimise their software development processes.

    With the Australian tech labour market staying competitive, opting for offshore software development teams provides companies relief from the global scarcity of skilled tech professionals.

    From reducing costs, gaining access to a global talent pool, accelerating the software development life cycle, and much more, our specialists at KMS Solutions break down the process of working with offshore teams and how they can deliver direct advantages to your operations.


    Covering the Basics: What is Offshore Software Development?

    Offshore software development involves entrusting your software development tasks to a company with skilled professionals in a foreign country. The activities could be a task as small as a single software component or as large scale as the complete software development life cycle. 

    Offshore software development outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the competitive offshore software development rates by country. Thanks to a selection of communication, collaboration, and project management tools, the offshore team can function as an extension of your in-house team, bolstering your project capacity while enabling you to maintain focus on core business operations.

    It's all about investing in a productive partnership that brings added value and innovation to your business while ensuring resource optimisation.


    Services Offered by Offshore Software Development Teams

    From business technology consulting to custom software development, quality assurance, and software support and management, an offshore development company can provide a suite of solutions catering to your unique business needs and market trends.

    Let's delve deeper into just some of these services: 

    • Custom Software Development: Offshore teams deliver solutions that are personalised to your specific business requirements and market trends, aiding in your digital transformation at each stage of the software development lifecycle – right from product roadmap, to development and testing, to ongoing maintenance. Ultimately, this accelerates your products’ time-to-market.

    • Product Engineering: An offshore software development company can redesign and enhance your existing software products to improve their functionality and efficiency, allowing you to keep pace with emerging market trends.

    • Quality Assurance and Software Testing: To make sure your software or application is market-ready, offshore teams carry out extensive tests for usability, compatibility, security, and overall performance. This essential service corresponds to the 'testing' phase of the software development life cycle.

    • Software Support and Maintenance: Regular monitoring and maintenance of your software by the offshore team will keep it optimised and up-to-date, ensuring that any technical issues are resolved promptly.

    • IT Management Service: Effectively manage and maintain products throughout the software development lifecycle, helping identify any issues or bottlenecks and minimise risks from the initial stage.

    • Technology Consulting Services: Drawing on their experience and up-to-date tech knowledge, many offshore teams offer crucial consulting services that help modernise business legacy systems, streamline operations, and expedite product delivery.

    The power of offshore software development lies in creating functional, innovative software and the range of value-added services accompanying it. It's all about helping your business anticipate, adapt, and thrive amidst technological advancements and market shifts.

    How Will Investing in Offshore Teams Help Your Company

    There are an array of potential advantages for your business when shifting focus offshore in terms of various stages in the software development lifecycle.

    The benefits of offshoring software development include:

    • Cost Savings: If you compare offshore software development rates by country, you'll realise that countries across Asia offer much more affordable options than hiring in-house in the Australian and US sectors without sacrificing quality. According to LTS Group, the cost of offshore outsourcing services in Vietnam is 70% lower than that of Australian services (the average hourly rate of Southeast Asia region is $18 compare to $62 hourly rate of engineers in Australia) 
    • Elevate Team Capabilities: Expand your team's capabilities by integrating vital technological skills and tools. This strategic enhancement ensures your team's growth and adaptability in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. 
    • Access to a Global Talent Pool: When you send focus offshore, you access a global talent pool. It means you are not restricted by the local skill set or availability of IT professionals. With approximately 430,000 software developers and 1,030,000 ICT professionals, , Vietnam possesses the largest workforce of software developers among Southeast Asian nations. 

    • Established Strategic Methodologies: Leverage proven methodologies to drive forward product innovation and distinguish your brand in the competitive market. These tested approaches enhance the quality of your offerings and strengthen client relationships through superior service.

    • Scalability: It's simpler to scale up or down with a trusted offshore software development company. Whether you need to increase your team to meet project demands or reduce the number of developers post-project, offshore teams offer greater flexibility.  
    • Continuous Development: Your product is being improved and refined 24/7 with teams in different time zones. This fast-tracks the software development life cycle, ensuring your product reaches the market sooner.  
    • Faster Market Introduction: Accelerate the development timeline to bring your product to the market swiftly. This expedited process not only capitalises on market opportunities faster but also keeps you ahead of the competition in delivering innovative solutions.

    Best Practices to Find the Right Offshore Software Development Team

    Here are some key strategies that will help you find the right offshore development partner fast and ensure the smooth hiring and product development process at the beginning.

    • Define business requirements initially: clearly outline your project requirements, including technology stack, project scope, timelines, and budget constraints will help your business find the right software team quicker.
    • Search for companies with strong track records: organisations should check the offshore team's proven track record to ensure they can help deliver the IT project on time and within budget. Moreover, while researching, it’s worth paying attention to their location, hourly rates, team expertise, and company portfolio.
    • Evaluate the shortlisted offshore teams: some criteria that you should consider include: technical skills, time zone differences, language compatibility, and costs.

    Discover the Power of Offshore Software Development Outsourcing with KMS Solutions

    By leveraging the skills of an offshore software development team, you can ensure that professionals are handling your software project with an intimate understanding of each stage of the software development life cycle.

    KMS Solutions is a reliable offshore partner with access to Vietnam's top talent, one of the world's fastest-growing tech outsourcing hubs. With over 1,300 tech talents, KMS has successfully developed scalable and future-proof software for BFSI enterprises like ACB, Discovermarket, Axi, etc., and kept them ahead of the curve.

    To learn more, speak with our specialists at KMS Solutions today.