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Top App Development Companies in Vietnam

best app development companies in Vietnam

App development companies are plentiful in Vietnam. So choosing the best candidate for developing your app can be hard. In this article, we discuss some of Vietnam’s leading app development companies, their background, key app services, and how to know if they are a good fit for your company.

Table of Content

1. KMS Solutions

2. FPT Software

3. TMA Solutions

4. CMC Corporation

5. Tinh Van

6. Harvey Nash

7. Fujinet

KMS Solutions

When it comes to top app development companies in Vietnam, KMS Solutions easily comes to mind. After 12 years in this IT industry, KMS Solutions now has 1300 professionals and 5 offices around the world. The company is best known for its use of modern methods such as Scaled Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and Automation Testing to ensure world-class services for clients.

Its specialties are complex applications with strict requirements on user experience, functionalities, and security. That's why major companies such as Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), YOLA, CII, Kelley Blue Book, trust their application development to KMS Solutions. 

KMS Solutions offers a comprehensive package of application services. They cover the entire process of clients’ app development: from consulting, designing, development, to implementation and maintenance.

What makes KMS Solutions stand out as an app development company? It's its deep expertise in a wide range of industries. KMS Solutions employed a crew of industry consultants. They work closely with the clients to make sure that the app meets their unique industry needs.

Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, and ISVs are industries that KMS Solutions has experience in.

Recently, KMS Solutions has been awarded 2021’s Fast Enterprise by APEA and Top 10 ICT companies by VINASA. They demonstrate the company's competence in both Vietnam and the regional market. Furthermore, KMS Solutions has been recognized as one of the Top App Development Companies by DesignRush.

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FPT Software

Besides KMS Solutions, FPT is another recognized app development vendor in Vietnam. It is a member of FPT Corporation. Known as Southeast Asia’s biggest software outsourcing company, FPT Software has 3 headquarters in Vietnam and many others across the world, including Malaysia, Germany, Australia, ....

As a top app development company, FPT Software provides 3 large services. They are (1) application development & maintenance, (2) application management, and (3) application remediation.

Established in 1988, FPT Software has 150 major clients in 20 countries. Some of FPT’s major clients are Hitachi, NEOPOST, Petronas, Deutsche Bank.

Leveraging FPT Corp’s extensive resource and experience in technology, FPT Software has been considered one of the top app development companies. It can handle projects of pretty much all sizes and scopes.

TMA Solutions

TMA is a software outsourcing company headquartered in Vietnam and established in 1997. 100% funded by Vietnamese investors, TMA has grown sustainably throughout its history of 21 years. It has won the gold medals for software outsourcing for 15 consecutive years.

Currently, more than 2400 IT talents are working at TMA. Being young, they are adaptive to new technologies and software methods, which helps TMA position itself as a dynamic app development company. 

Key app service offerings of TMA Solutions include:

  • App Development
  • Development Support
  • Testing
  • Manage Service
  • UX/UI Design

As an app development company, TMA Solutions is now the trusted partner of more than 100 global clients in 27 countries, implementing large-scale and complex projects with modern technologies.

CMC Corporation

CMC is an app development company with 25 years of experience, and is one of the largest IT corporations in Vietnam. Besides being famously known for its app design services, CMC has more than 12 research institutes, joint venture companies, members operating in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

Within the Vienam’s market, CMC has affirmed its leading position with key offerings such as software services, app development, system integration. Apart from software, CMC is best known for its telecommunications, internet, and network products, designed for both regional and international markets.

Regarding CMC's app design service in Vietnam, it is the partner of prestigious and reliable middle and large IT projects in the fields of: education, government, treasury, tax, Insurance, customs, banking, finance, electricity…

Always investing in its core competence as ICT and app design company, CMC has achieved many remarkable achievements.

Tinh Van

Tinh Van Technology Joint Stock Company (Formerly Netlab Network Experiment Center), was officially established in 1997 and has undergone 20 years of establishment and development.

As one of the leading companies in the IT field, especially software and app development in Vietnam. Tinh Van has a team of professional, enthusiastic staff, cohesive and passionate leadership, a history of stable growth, and a unique corporate culture.

Currently, Tinh Van Group has 5 member companies and 6 branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Japan, with a total of 500 experienced, young and creative employees with high technical level. Tinh Van always receives satisfaction and high appreciation from customers and partners thanks to the friendly and professional business style.

In the field of information technology in Vietnam, Tinh Van received prestigious awards for many consecutive years from 2002 to 2015. Tinh Van with products and app design services always won the highest awards of Vietnam Software Business Association, Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association, and Vietnam Informatics Association.

Harvey Nash

The app development company Harvey Nash originated in the UK and started operating in 1988. As a pioneer in IT outsourcing services and  professional services, Harvey Nash is present in many countries around the world, strengthening its reputation on a large scale by providing comprehensive app development services for clients across the globe.

HarveyNash is also the app development company with the most foreign direct investment.

Harvey Nash has rapidly grown to more than 2,000 professionals since launching its office in Vietnam in 2000.


FUJINET's main clients are Japanese software and app development companies, accounting for more than 98% of Fujinet's sales.

Fujinet Systems, established in 2000, has been focusing on software development for the Japanese market. Key stakeholders, such as company employees and founders, all have internship experience and study abroad in Japan, so they understand the business methods of Japanese businesses as well as Japanese culture.

Fujinet app development company owns an elite team of employees. They all graduated from technology faculties from prestigious universities, and then are recruited according to the company's strict standards.

In addition, technicians who have studied abroad in Japan are actively recruited by the company. All employees have united to strive for growth, following the management strengths of both Vietnam and Japan.

Fujinet Systems is in charge of maintenance, custom software and app development, implementation of package software development, migration, improvement of legacy systems, designing apps for websites, writing apps for smartphones, electronic transactions, blockchain…

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