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KMS Solutions and AppsFlyer provide an advanced way to help businesses optimize mobile marketing campaigns

KMS Solutions - AppsFlyer Partnership

Ho Chi Minh, 25th April 2023, KMS Solutions announced an expansion of their partnership with AppsFlyer, a global leader in marketing measurement. Through this new collaboration, the two companies will help Vietnamese enterprises delight customers with engaging marketing campaigns and make instant decisions with a suite of comprehensive mobile marketing analytics solutions.

In 2022, the number of mobile applications downloaded in Vietnam reached 3.49 billion, with the total paid app revenue being approximately 506 million U.S. dollars, according to Statista. In light of the significant increase in mobile app usage recently, many businesses have prioritized mobile-first experience and sought a robust solution that can assist them in effectively getting visibility into performance and maximizing Lifetime Value (LTV). 

The collaboration between KMS Solutions and AppsFlyer is indicated to level up the mobile marketing analytics strategy of Vietnamese enterprises with:

  • Accurate and insightful data provided from omnichannel marketing activities by the most trusted name in marketing measurement.
  • Analytical and interactive solution suites under one roof to deliver the best user experience.
  • Design a personalised, context-based customer journey to increase conversion efficiency.
  • Detect, block, and protect your marketing budget from mobile ad fraud.
  • Industry-leading privacy and security practices that ensure customers’ data is always protected and their business is compliant.

“Mobile-first has become the global standard, and with the increasing number of mobile app customers, Vietnamese businesses are more app-centric yet data risk-averse. With the help of KMS Solutions’ highly-skilled data experts and the privacy-preserving mobile marketing analytics platform of AppsFlyer, corporations can accurately measure their marketing performance and uncover hidden insights while protecting their privacy”,  said Tan Tmangraksat, Director of Partner Development, SEAPAC of AppsFlyer.

“In cooperation with AppsFlyer, KMS Solutions has brought advanced Martech analytics suits to software development customers in the Asia Pacific region. This helps to complete our customer care process from consulting, developing, maintaining, to assisting customers to promote their business through decisions on the basis of user data within the framework of the guarantee, privacy and contextual personalized experiences”, said Tai Le, SVP, ASEAN Business of KMS Solutions.