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    Top 7 Qualities of A High-Performing Offshore Software Development Team

    What makes a high-performing offshore software development company

    If you're looking for that crucial factor that propels your business forward, it's custom software. Employing custom software is similar to wearing a bespoke suit - everything suits your operations to a tee. Designed specifically to meet your business requirements, custom software can offer increased efficiency, competitive edge and scalability. 

    Needless to say, you can only acquire these benefits when your custom software is built properly. And that requires recruiting the right offshore software development company.

    In this article, we'll cover the essential attributes to look for when searching for an offshore software team to build your custom software.

    Advanced communication skills

    Communication plays a huge role in a project's success, particularly in a remote environment. Even the most exceptional application concept can only materialize with clear communication. It is the key to addressing challenges and creating innovative features with your team. Failure to communicate effectively can result in missed deadlines, overspent budgets, and substandard product quality.

    In the worst-case scenario, it can cause project failure. Hence, communication skills should be a primary consideration when selecting an offshore development firm.

    A high-performing software development team should excel in two areas of communication: content and process.

    In a remote work setting with tight schedules, the substance of any communication is crucial.

    Unlike face-to-face conversations, email correspondence can be time-consuming with extended back-and-forth exchanges. 

    However, proficient teams recognize this and ensure that each message is concise, comprehensive, and unambiguous to maximize efficiency.


    Source: Science for Work

    Effective communication is not only about the content but also the process. Reaching out to someone in the wrong manner or at the wrong time can diminish the impact of even the most well-crafted message.

    For instance, email or Zoom to convey an urgent update may not be the best approach if the recipient is unavailable. A more suitable alternative would be instant messaging or making a direct call.

    To ensure smooth communication, exceptional offshore software teams have a streamlined communication system with well-defined rules and procedures.

    They understand that team communication can take different forms and are knowledgeable about the appropriate synchronous and asynchronous tools to use in each circumstance.


    Source: Smartsheet

    Competent offshore development companies also understand the significance of a skilled project manager or a team lead. They act as the liaison between the client and the team, guaranteeing that all essential information is passed on to everyone involved.

    To illustrate how an efficient development team manages communication, let's explore how the KMS Solutions digital team approaches it.

    As we place great importance on transparent communication, we schedule regular calls to keep clients informed about the project's progress. Our team also employs a range of communication tools to facilitate effective communication. For general communication, we rely on Slack, while Google Meet is our preferred platform for live sessions or meetings. Additionally, we use Jira for project coordination purposes.

    Nevertheless, we remain open to using any tool that our clients prefer. What matters is everyone can communicate comfortably with each other.

    Sophisticated problem-solving skills

    Problem-solving skills are vital for any exceptional offshore software development company.

    Since each project is distinct, developers are bound to encounter new issues and obstacles. Nevertheless, outstanding teams are flexible and innovative enough to solve any challenge.

    At KMS Solutions, we have a cross-functional team that comprises members with skills and experience across different domains. For example, when we implement a project for the fintech sector, we involve members highly skilled in cybersecurity and compliance, along with regular developers, to handle the regulatory obstacles that might arise.

    The team's diverse skill set offers a broad range of knowledge for the IT service company to draw from. Furthermore, it enables them to combine multiple expertise to overcome specialized challenges. 

    Extensive software development experience

    When selecting an offshore software development company, experience is often one of the top criteria for clients. This comes as no surprise, as teams with ample experience tend to work more efficiently, identify errors with greater ease, and produce more reliable results.

    Recruiting a development team lacking in experience is comparable to appointing a junior developer to lead your project. At worst, they may face difficulties in finding optimal solutions to your project's challenges. 


    Source: Medium

    Experience is crucial as it allows teams to make informed decisions. They're equipped to determine the most suitable tech stack and programming language for a particular project based on its specific requirements. Moreover, highly-skilled digital teams have honed the appropriate methodologies to support their work. 

    At KMS Solutions, for example, we implement the Agile methodology, which enables us to develop, test, and review software projects with greater speed and efficiency. It also enhances our adaptability to changing demands.

    Continuous testing implementation

    Top-performing software development companies are committed to software testing. The reason is simple - it is one of the most effective ways to ensure the software product is aligned with the project's requirements.

    This means that the software is free of bugs, provides an excellent user experience, and adequately addresses the user's needs. 

    Leading development teams adopt the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), a structured framework for systematically and consistently testing software during development. This approach enables developers to detect as many bugs as possible in the early stages when they're relatively inexpensive and easy to fix.

    6 Phases of Automation Testing Life Cycle (ATLC)-2

    Competent teams typically establish a dedicated QA sub-group comprising analysts and testers. Their primary responsibility is to design and execute various testing methods to assess the software's performance across multiple areas, thereby identifying all potential issues. 

    Here are a common testing procedures that every project should adhere to:


    Source: Facile.IT Engineering

    A robust offshore software development company is also well-versed in various testing tools. They know when manual testing is preferable or when it is best to deploy automated platforms such as Katalon or Selenium.

    Proficiency in cybersecurity

    The data breach picture for 2022 isn't pretty. 2022 alone recorded numerous breaches on major corporations, compromising millions of dollars. 

    With the frequency of cyber-attacks rising yearly, an offshore engineering team must have rich expertise in cybersecurity technologies such as encryption and authentication. 

    Determined to help clients create secure apps and protect clients' data against theft, KMS Solutions acquires ISO 27001 certifications. 

    While addressing digital threats is crucial, information security should also encompass other aspects. A competent development company should also conduct legal agreements to safeguard both parties in case of disputes.

    A notable instance is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which bars the client or service provider from revealing confidential project information to the public and therefore safeguards trade secrets. 

    Transparent pricing model

    A good offshore software development company has a transparent pricing structure. They would inform you of the project cost upfront, with no hidden costs. They will also refrain from overcharging or intentionally withholding pricing information until the final moments. 

    There should also be two pricing models: fixed price or time and materials model for you to choose from. Under the fixed price model, both parties establish an agreed-upon price at the commencement of the project without consideration for any modifications during development. As a result, there may be a tendency to underpay or overcharge. 

    Conversely, the time and materials model involves paying solely for the development team's actual work. This model is usually preferable for most software projects since it's fairer than a fixed price. Nonetheless, whichever pricing model you opt for, it can only succeed if the team is dedicated to transparent and honest pricing. 

    Company maturity

    Maturity is another important aspect to look at when seeking offshore software vendors. An experienced offshore software development company is characterized by the following:

    • Years of operation: An IT services provider that has been operating for many years indicates that it has a competent management team, delivering services that enterprises are willing to invest in
    • Recruitment procedures: A mature tech vendor will have effective processes to locate, vet and onboard top talent, ensuring a constant flow of skilled professionals.
    • Company size: An excellent outsourced software company will have a substantial talent pool and demonstrate growth year-over-year
    • Demonstrated track record: A reliable tech partner will showcase award-winning solutions it has delivered and provide references from satisfied clients. 

      KMS Solutions Clutch Review

    Are you looking for an offshore software development company?

    We hope our article has provided a framework for evaluating potential candidates. Upon comparing what KMS Solutions offers to the above criteria, you'll notice that we meet all the requirements.

    Our track record of successful projects demonstrates our extensive experience and adept problem-solving abilities. Moreover, we utilize cutting-edge security technologies and protocols to ensure our clients' data remains secure. Most of all, we pride ourselves on being excellent communicators.

    If you require assistance with your custom software project, contact us today! Let us bring your idea to life.