Three strategies for incumbent banks to jump aboard Digital Lending

Posted by KMS Solutions on Oct 20, 2021 1:13:43 AM

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Building a new lending product from scratch, buying a pre-built digital lending platform, or partnering with fintech startups are the three most viable models for traditional banks to jump into the Digital Lending market, according to Digital Banking leaders from KMS Solutions, Mambu, and Kuliza.

This article is also featured on VIR (English) and thoibaonganhang (Vietnamese) 

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Top 5 Digital Lending Platforms for Vietnam's Banks

Posted by KMS Solutions on Oct 19, 2021 9:44:40 PM

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Within the next five years, digital lending is expected to be valued at $1 billion in consumer lending alone. This growing trend can be attributed to the shift towards digital banking, the pressure of losing wallet share to fintech counterparts, and the lingering effects of the epidemic. As a result, the banking industry has been gradually adopting digital lending to adapt.

One strategy for banks to “digitize” their lending process is by using pre-built platforms from a third party. This tactic offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand, banks can save time developing new products because most commercial solutions are "plug-and-play", meaning they are ready for use immediately after deployment. Second, having platform-based nature, they often come with a configurable architecture and integration capabilities, on top of which banks can build new lending products.

However, with so many applications in the market, choosing one can be hard. The following article will recommend the 5 most popular digital lending solutions and the technology behind them for banks to consider.

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An Ultimate Guide to Digital Lending

Posted by KMS Solutions on Oct 19, 2021 7:00:29 PM

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Digital lending is transforming the financial service sector. Innovations in this niche have allowed financial service providers (FSPs)—be it a digital-native fintech company or an incumbent bank—to provide effortless loan products that today's market requires. Customers' preferences today are dictated by the experience they have with mobile apps, fintech, and social media. Digital lending is a way for FSPs to satisfy those expectations.

This article explores common definitions and concerns related to digital lending, and offers insights into the digital lending framework that FSPs can use to enter into this market.

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The Lend.In Platform Empowers Banks to Compete in the Digital Lending Race

Posted by KMS Solutions on Oct 15, 2021 6:28:14 PM digital lending platform by kms solutions and kuliza

Ho Chi Minh City, October 15th, KMS Solutions announced the introduction of Lend.In, a next-gen Digital Lending platform, to the Vietnamese market after signing a partnership agreement with Kuliza. This platform is stated to be able to help banks digitize the entire lending process.

This article is also featured in Vietnamese by CafeF and thoibaonganhang.

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