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Three strategies for incumbent banks to jump aboard Digital Lending

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An A-Z Guide to Digital Lending

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KMS Solutions collaborates with axefinance in providing the game-changing digital lending solution - Axe Credit Portal

Ho Chi Minh, September 8th, 2022, KMS Solutions announced a partnership with axefinance to...

How advances in data science are securing digital lending

While Vietnam's digitalisation has made human digital footprints available from anywhere, the...

10 Steps to Build a Digital Loan Origination Process

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7 Requirements your Digital Lending Platform Must Have

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Most Popular Digital Lending Business Models

Recently, Digital Lending has become a global financial phenomenon. It is predicted that the total...

Benefits of Using Digital Lending Platform

A digital lending platform covers the entire loan lifecycle from application to disbursement into...

Digital Lending vs. Traditional Lending: Key Differences

Today, the use of mobile devices has become more widespread than ever, and the dramatic development...

Top 6 Digital Lending Platforms for Vietnam's Banks

Within the next five years, digital lending is expected to be valued at $1 billion in consumer...

The Lend.In Platform Empowers Banks to Embrace Digital Lending

Ho Chi Minh City, October 15th, KMS Solutions announced the introduction of Lend.In, a next-gen...

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Frequent Asked Questions

How can we evaluate an IT Outsourcing vendor?

When choosing an IT Outsourcing vendor, it's important to have a clear knowledge of what your organization requires from this partnership. There are main factors to consider such as technical expertise, rate of employment, practical experience, maturity level as a company, team seniority, average employee tenure &turnover rate, legal matters, cooperation models, IT certifications, and their warranties.

We recommend that you list out these points, determine the ones that are the most relevant for your business, and review your future IT partner point by point or simply fill the request form for our consultant to advise directly.

What is the price models for Digital Team service?

KMS offers 3 ranges of prices based on the model and your company's requirements:

- Dedicated Team Model: The client and KMS agree on a staffing plan for which client will be invoiced. The monthly rate is based on: Type of Skills and Roles, Relevant years of experience, and Work Location.

- Capacity Model: KMS team will provide a fixed capacity (man-hours available) to the client and charge the client based on the actual
consumption or the minimum commit in case the consumption is below the minimum commit.

- Fixed price project: KMS charges the client a fixed fee based on milestones for a defined scope of work.

Whether you want to have a trusted partner to take full ownership of your product, build a dedicated Digital Team, or simply make up for the resources you lack, there are options for you.

What is the technology stacks and digital capabilities KMS provide?
With over 1600+ IT Talents and 12+ of experiences, enterprises can seamlessly improve the development life cycles of their products and software.
  • UI/UX Stack: React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Ember, iOS-Swift, Android-Java, Ruby
  • Application Stack: NodeJS, Java, .NET, PHP, Python, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch...
  • Storage Stack: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Aurora, MongoDB, Cassandra, S3, Redact...
  • Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services; Microsoft Azure; Google Cloud Platform

And many more.

KMS Solutions have successfully delivered numerous projects to our partners and customers, and hope that we can extend similar assistance to your company.

The process of consultation, execution and management for software development?

KMS approaches and processes are aligned in a way to form long-term trusted relationships with our customers in building world-class software and solutions. 

First, our consultants work closely with you to understand your needs, therefore assessing your customer journey and identifying quick wins.

Second, we hand-picked the professionals, tools, and development methodologies that best fit your projects and start to transform your applications by pivoting to Cloud or Hybrid, and operations through Intelligent Automation (RPA)

Lastly, not only do you receive ongoing support from our experts to ensure your product’s functionalities, but also we would optimize run mode, with maintenance and monitoring constantly throughout the project.

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