Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing: 6 Major Differences

Posted by KMS Solutions on Oct 29, 2021 8:14:59 PM

Automation testing, by rerunning a test over and over again, is just revolutionary for teams. But automation testing cannot replace manual testing or manual testers as many people think. In this article, let’s discuss the 6 major differences between manual testing and automation testing. Through that, you can better understand the nature of each of them.

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What is DevTestOps and how can it transform Agile?

Posted by KMS Solutions on Oct 27, 2021 7:49:26 PM

what is devtestops

DevTestOps is now the new philosophy of Agile. By incorporating Continuous Testing, DevTestOps is the next level of DevOps. It ensures that not only does the product being developed is delivered at the expected time-to-market and user experience, but also has optimal test coverage. 

In this DevTestOps, let’s learn some of the fundamentals of DevTestOps: what is it? What are its principles? And how is it done in parallel with DevOps?

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Top 10 Tools for Continuous Testing

Posted by KMS Solutions on Jul 30, 2021 4:09:39 PM

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As DevOps and CI/CD become more widespread, Continuous Testing is essential for teams to deliver Quality-at-Speed and get better control across the testing and development process. But when consulting enterprises on Continuous Testing, one of the software testing problems they have is which tool or sets of tools to adopt. With a multitude of tools out there, choosing one that fits is no easy feat.

In this article, we give a brief run-through of the ten tools that are the most suitable for Continuous Testing, plus their pros and cons for your consideration.

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Understanding the Return-on-Investment (ROI) of Test Automation

Posted by KMS Solutions on Mar 15, 2021 3:37:04 PM

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The idea of Automation Testing of course sounds exciting. What could be better than writing a script only once and then re-executing it up to hundreds, even thousands of times? 

With Automation Testing, your team can increase test coverage, find bugs earlier, and still be able to use manual testing where it truly delivers values. 

But most of the time, that’s just not enough to get everyone to buy into Test Automation. This is especially true for top management and the CFO who would ask for a convincing ROI analysis for such a major investment as Automation Testing.

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Is your QA team facing these Automation Testing Challenges?

Posted by KMS Solutions on Mar 9, 2021 2:22:51 PM

Copy of Using Self-service Data Analytics tool for your Data Visualization (1)

Making the switch from Manual Testing to Automation Testing can be worthwhile. However, this modern method of software testing comes with several challenges. If you fail to resolve them, Automation Testing won't deliver the values it should.

In this article, let's identify the 5 most common challenges your Software Testing team might face when they start to dip their toes into Automation Testing.

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What are the types of Automation Testing?

Posted by KMS Solutions on Mar 3, 2021 11:40:30 AM


We all know that Manual Testing and Automation Testing are the 2 types of Software Testing. Both have the same purpose: to help testers run test cases; and then compare the test results with the requirement. 

But, while Manual Testing works fine for certain test cases, it is time- and cost-consuming in the long run. If you are applying modern software development methods such as Agile, chances are that you have lots of iterative development cycles. These methods require you to run a test multiple times. In this case, Manual Testing, with its repetitive and error-prone nature, is no longer suitable.

Test Automation can help you automate the execution of lots of tests and testing phases. Depending on the nature of your project, Test Automation can offer greater ROI when compared to Manual Testing. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular types of automation testing. It will be a checklist for you to choose the right automated tests for your next project.

To learn more about Test Automation, access our Digital Testing library.

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